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Things Help You Laze Around

Featuring some of the bestĀ villas in Seminyak, Samaja Villas Kunti Seminyak offers a wide variety of luxurious facilities for a comfortable stay. With consideration devoted towards simplicity and functionality, we hope to meet the desires of travellers longing for tranquillity, relaxation and privacy.

Villa facilities include the lobby & reception, restaurant, department office and parking area. Meanwhile, some villa services also include cable TV, broadband internet connection and others.


Warung Samaja

Exotic Journey into Delicacies

Make your time to enjoy a variety of fabulous food with special recipes prepared by our experienced chefs which are part of the many things to do inĀ luxury private villa in Seminyak Bali. Though seasons may change, our typical delicacies remain available throughout the year. So, before going to treat your taste buds elsewhere, let our restaurant do your appetite a favour. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When aspiring to celebrate an important moment in your life, why not plan a special dinner at our restaurant or romantic BBQ dinner by the pool of your villa? Our chef is ready to arrange your favourite cuisine. With specially mixed spices and modern cooking skill, it will help yield a great moment for you.


Samaja Spa

Indulge in Relaxation

Relax your mind and take care of your body with spa treatments after spending time in various leisure activities. Numerous cleansing and rejuvenating treatments are available to choose from. In our spa outlet, you can enjoy a massage, soothing footbath, reflexology or even a traditional herbal drink. So, indulge in our spa treatments to experience a host of benefits.

Blending traditional ingredients and modern techniques, our well-trained therapists will help relieve tension and refresh your body and mind. By balancing the harmony of your body and mind as well as absorbing the peacefulness, you will be left feeling energetic.

Samaja Villas Kunti

Shuttle Services

Shuttle Service Schedule

The shuttle services are based on schedule form the resort to Seminyak area *

  • 11 AM drop to Seminyak Area
  • 5 PM drop to Seminyak Area

* drop only